The “new chronology” views of Academician A.T. Fomenko and his followers concerning the process of world
history were discussed in the historical department of Moscow State University, chaired by its dean, Professor
S.P. Karpov, on December 21, 1999. The pioneers of the “new chronology” consider it a scientific concept rest-
ing on the achievements of mathematics and their interpretation of the works of ancient astronomers. This has
raised objections among many scholars. The scientific press and the mass media point out the faults and distor-
tions in the works of Fomenko and his followers (e.g., see Vestn. Ross. Akad. Nauk, 1999, no. 12). But Fomenko
and company continue to propagate their novel idea. As the growing popularity of the Fomenko group’s views
and publications are a grave danger to Russia’s culture as a whole, the round table subjected them to a compre-
hensive critical analysis. Taking part were specialists in Russian and world history, religion, linguistics, and
astronomy. Below is the text of the contribution by V.L. Yanin, eminent historian and archaeologist, and specif-
ically a student of the history and culture of Ancient Russia.

The frame0Gaping Heightsframe1 of Academician Fomenko

V. L. Yanin*

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